Thursday, September 2, 2010

Start saving your money !

Yep, grab your walet and place it in dark, dark place so you won't spend any of your money until 23rd NOVEMBER. You ask - why? I tell you. The fashion bloggosphere is crazy place today coz we just find out that on that day H&M will show LANVIN COLLECTION in their shop. To good to be true? I feel that too - after publishing many intresting, yet confusing, videos, H&M officially admit that wonderful team from Lanving House will design men and women collection for them. I just can't wait and I know that I will spend all my money on this sh*t. 
Your wallet is safe now? Good. Now grab your calendar and mark the date. Oh and don't forget to have some strong legs and arms with you - the massacre outside H&M is granted.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer man and summer flowers

This handsome man was great looking - very simple and classic look - I wish more men in our town would dress like that

One of my favorite flowers, 5-toned fingers and fresh K mag 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pathways & Pachamama - delicious Krakow places

Wonderful day full of sun and Parisian-like hours. Riding a bike around city and even further. Great dishes and drinks. Celebrating election day in Poland / 4th July for American like that is perfect.

First we hitted new amazing place - Barka / Pathways. Restaurant on water is more than I could ask for. Sitting outside - having nice view around - very niceeee.
Quite tasty Gazpacho - too pepper like, I would prefer if it has more tomatoes inside but - good idea - salmon/celery tatar in center with zucchini
Main dishes - very good Salad with tiger shrimps, chilli, mango&pepper. Halibut on onion confit with veggies.
Very good fish , amazing and delicate shrimps with hot/sweet mango. 
Olive and rest
Nowa drukarnia in Podgórze - hello there

More about the place

After eating and all we checked Pachamama - soo nice small and kind of private place, very family/new-hippie like. Very good menu - I literally say "I love you" to the man who make me Lime&Mint Shake ^_^ 
The menu and lovely lights 
Mine shake - mint&lime - gosh it wassss so good ( looking at this pic want me to have another now ! )
Goodbay Pachamama - see you next time 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wall Paintings made overnight

I just hate myself - I am either in a work, school. It's too hot or either too rainy. I am on a bike without camera or I have my analog one. All kind of things that make me unable to post new post from my lovely city. But to be honest, especially with my self, I am just damn lazy  and unsure of myself with taking pictures of people. I must work on that. Hard. 

Anyway just a quick post about graffiti I found on Kazimierz. I was riding here and there like week ago and it wasn't there. Walk from Plac Nowy to Plac Wolnica to find it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Etnodesign Festival

                   Since I can't walk the city to snap pictures of people I will post about this amazing festival which is all about traditional design from Poland, taken by young designer of furniture, fashion, books and twisted to modern art. 
Unfortunately it is raining. For weeks. So all outdoor activities and exhibition are closed now. 
Mowo Studio has a great display - those amazing lamps were soo pretty - light was warm and very soft. Also they had amazing wooden stools, which look like raw piece of wood eaten by some wild animals.

Agnieszka Czop and Joanna Rusin are famous for their amazing funny AND pretty carpets and fabrics. ,

Clothes by Monika Przywara-Strzałka , lovely pieces here and there.

I was soo taken by Wzorowo stand. Those glass object were so nice. I wanted to touch them as soon as I saw them.
Plates are very creative with those small objects in a center - it truly grab your attention.

Wonderful pieces by Martyna Czerwiństka from Mysikrólik. Those coats were made in some kind of plastic material. So creative - just imagine riding a bike in those while raining.

Nice ecological bags and calendars by Joanna Figurniak.

One of my favorite stand. Those guys are amazing - both from group called PG13. One, Jakub Sobiepanek, is 
an author of those tables and stools with inspired by folk art, and second, Krzysztof Czajka, made those cups and
a rest of table pieces. Could be very nice for my presentation on a second blog ;