Monday, April 26, 2010


Great place for breakfast or nice cup of coffee. Design of a place is like meeting your friend on a cold morning somewhere between Swedish simplicity and New York I-don't-care cafe. It is very refreshing after so many basement-located bars and pubs in city.
I was also taken by its decor - many old-movies posters, bottle green used here and there, modern but not cold furnitures - big, 8-10 peoples, table; counters finished with steel, bare, painted white, walls. With warm, wood floor it is nice, effortless mix.

American-diner salt.paper and napkins

We ordered two kinds of coffee - classic american and cappuccino. Both very good and for american coffee it is not so common.

The Bagel - real nice, not so plain bread rolls (the hole in the bagel is not only difference, the texture of dough is little more crisp than usual bread but also more chewy - maybe coz this was grilled one)

Bagelmama has wide selection of different bagels, toppings and additional things you like. You can also order some wraps and soups, salads. I must admit that everything is very tasteful but little too pricey for that kind of menu. You can read about place at their site here (I strongly recommend look there and read, coz it will make your life easier when you finally hit the place - to many mixing options will make you feel dizzy)

Nice flowers are always welcomed...

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