Thursday, September 2, 2010

Start saving your money !

Yep, grab your walet and place it in dark, dark place so you won't spend any of your money until 23rd NOVEMBER. You ask - why? I tell you. The fashion bloggosphere is crazy place today coz we just find out that on that day H&M will show LANVIN COLLECTION in their shop. To good to be true? I feel that too - after publishing many intresting, yet confusing, videos, H&M officially admit that wonderful team from Lanving House will design men and women collection for them. I just can't wait and I know that I will spend all my money on this sh*t. 
Your wallet is safe now? Good. Now grab your calendar and mark the date. Oh and don't forget to have some strong legs and arms with you - the massacre outside H&M is granted.

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