Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Etnodesign Festival

                   Since I can't walk the city to snap pictures of people I will post about this amazing festival which is all about traditional design from Poland, taken by young designer of furniture, fashion, books and twisted to modern art. 
Unfortunately it is raining. For weeks. So all outdoor activities and exhibition are closed now. 
Mowo Studio has a great display - those amazing lamps were soo pretty - light was warm and very soft. Also they had amazing wooden stools, which look like raw piece of wood eaten by some wild animals.

Agnieszka Czop and Joanna Rusin are famous for their amazing funny AND pretty carpets and fabrics. ,

Clothes by Monika Przywara-Strzałka , lovely pieces here and there.

I was soo taken by Wzorowo stand. Those glass object were so nice. I wanted to touch them as soon as I saw them.
Plates are very creative with those small objects in a center - it truly grab your attention.

Wonderful pieces by Martyna Czerwiństka from Mysikrólik. Those coats were made in some kind of plastic material. So creative - just imagine riding a bike in those while raining.

Nice ecological bags and calendars by Joanna Figurniak.

One of my favorite stand. Those guys are amazing - both from group called PG13. One, Jakub Sobiepanek, is 
an author of those tables and stools with inspired by folk art, and second, Krzysztof Czajka, made those cups and
a rest of table pieces. Could be very nice for my presentation on a second blog ;

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