Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pathways & Pachamama - delicious Krakow places

Wonderful day full of sun and Parisian-like hours. Riding a bike around city and even further. Great dishes and drinks. Celebrating election day in Poland / 4th July for American like that is perfect.

First we hitted new amazing place - Barka / Pathways. Restaurant on water is more than I could ask for. Sitting outside - having nice view around - very niceeee.
Quite tasty Gazpacho - too pepper like, I would prefer if it has more tomatoes inside but - good idea - salmon/celery tatar in center with zucchini
Main dishes - very good Salad with tiger shrimps, chilli, mango&pepper. Halibut on onion confit with veggies.
Very good fish , amazing and delicate shrimps with hot/sweet mango. 
Olive and rest
Nowa drukarnia in Podgórze - hello there

More about the place

After eating and all we checked Pachamama - soo nice small and kind of private place, very family/new-hippie like. Very good menu - I literally say "I love you" to the man who make me Lime&Mint Shake ^_^ 
The menu and lovely lights 
Mine shake - mint&lime - gosh it wassss so good ( looking at this pic want me to have another now ! )
Goodbay Pachamama - see you next time 

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